Platform Features

Portfolio Aggregation

Upload multiple portfolios and illio will consolidate all positions across asset classes, geographies, currencies, sectors and custodians/brokers

Users will better understand their exposures and whether portfolio diversification requires adjustment


Portfolio Performance & Benchmarking

Comparing a portfolio with the market is a popular measure of performance

With illio, users can evaluate performance against a variety of market benchmarks to determine whether a portfolio is outperforming or underperforming an index


Profit & Loss Attribution

illio calculates P&L for a portfolio, at the asset class level and for individual positions, so a user can see where they are making (or losing) money

In addition, illio will provide granular breakdown on how the money was made - ie. was it from price movement, income or fluctuation in currencies


Risk Analytics & Exposures

The illio platform captures the critical set of risk analytics and then visualises them in an interactive manner

This enables illio to answer questions such as, what is the "riskiness" of a portfolio; how does it compare with a benchmark; what is the sensitivity (beta) of the portfolio to the market and which are the top 10 contributors?


Stress Tests & Scenario Analysis

The illio platform will provide you with a simulation tool to analyse a portfolio and impact of changes to market variables such as FX, equity prices, credit spreads, interest rates or volatility

Equipped with this information, users can determine if the potential loss is proportionate to their risk appetite, whether a diminished portfolio remains sufficient to meet their goals and the extent of possible losses incurred under extreme market scenarios


Portfolio Builder (launching in near future)

Our Portfolio Builder will allow users to apply a level of unparalleled insight into their portfolio. Users can substitute their holdings for other assets and evaluate how their portfolio would have performed. Portfolio Builder will be an essential tool to allow users to interrogate their portfolios, assess the different return profiles, apply screening tools and analyse whether or not the risk characteristics would have been tolerable and facilitate a deeper understanding of their portfolios